Heidelberg Township

Heidelberg Heights

LCA provides wastewater collection and treatment service for 145 residential properties in the Heidelberg Heights development in Heidelberg Township. Due to the location of this residential development, this is a stand-alone system and is not connected to our regional system of interceptors.

A wastewater treatment plant is located on the outskirts of this community and is designed to treat 60,000 gallons of wastewater per day. Treated wastewater must meet water quality standards as required by our permit from the state Department of Environmental Protection, and is discharged directly into an unnamed tributary in the Jordan and Coplay creek basin.

Upon request by Heidelberg Heights residents and the township officials, LCA acquired this system in 1998 after it had fallen into disrepair. Since then, we have rebuilt the treatment plant and continue to make repairs to the collection system to enhance the level of service provided in this community.