North Whitehall Township

North Whitehall Division

PWSID (DEP System ID #): 3390055

LCA Service Area: 924 customers located in North Whitehall Township in the Orefield, Schnecksville and Neffs villages and vicinity in northern Lehigh County.

Water Supply: Five wells plus an interconnection with the Northampton Borough Municipal Authority (NBMA) system, which draws water from the Lehigh River and the Spring Mill Dam. These sources are combined to produce an average of 406,000 gallons per day.

Water Treatment: Water from LCA’s wells is disinfected with chlorine to kill bacteria and treated to reduce the manganese that is naturally occurring in this area. NBMA’s water is treated and fluoridated at a surface water filtration and treatment plant. For more information about NBMA’s treatment methods and supply, please call 610-262-6711.

Fluoride in your water? NBMA adds fluoride to the water at its treatment plant. When blended with LCA supplies, customers receive fluoride that may vary from 0 to 0.63 parts per million. Please consult with your pediatrician or dentist about proper fluoride supplements for your children.

Water Hardness: 8 grains per gallon

Hardness Scale:

0 – 5 grains per gallon = Soft Water

6 – 10 grains per gallon = Moderately Hard Water

> 11 grains per gallon = Hard Water

Download your annual Water Quality Report, which includes more educational information about your water system as well as complete test results for all water quality monitoring completed in calendar year 2018. The 2019 water quality report will be available by June 2020.