2020 Water & Sewer Rates

The Lehigh County Authority (LCA) Board of Directors adopted new rates for 2020 at their November 11, 2019 meeting. The 2020 Budget approved on October 21, 2019, included increases to water and sewer rates for customers throughout the service area. New rates will go into effect on January 1, 2020. Public comments or questions about these rates may be submitted prior to their effective date of January 1, 2020, and will become part of the public record shared with the Board for their consideration prior to implementation. Please email us at service@lehighcountyauthority.org with the subject line “2020 Rates.” To learn more, review and/or download these documents:

LCA Board Memo – 2020 Water & Sewer Rates – 11/02/19
Schedule of Water Rates & Charges 2020 
Schedule of Wastewater Rates & Charges – 2020
City of Allentown Division 2020 Rates
Suburban Division 2020 Rates
Lehigh Valley Water and Sewer Rate Comparison – 2017 – 2019

Important Reminders

LCA is a non-profit, municipal authority. All revenues collected through our water and sewer rates are used for the sole benefit of the system to pay for current expenses or to fund future capital improvements. Our Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers, and LCA has no shareholders to pay.

While LCA operates as a single organization, the water and sewer revenues collected from our customers in Suburban communities may not and will not be used to pay for expenses associated with the Allentown Division lease agreement. Likewise, revenues from our customers in Allentown may not and will not be used to pay for expenses associated with our Suburban Division water or sewer operations. This is specified in all LCA bond documents that prohibit the mixing of revenues.

Across the nation, including in the Lehigh Valley, water and sewer utilities are facing a hidden crisis. Water and sewer infrastructure is buried underground, out of sight, where it is easy to forget or ignore. However, the pipes that deliver safe and reliable tap water to each home we serve, and the sewer systems that safely transport sewage to treatment centers for proper disposal, cannot be taken for granted. Caring for our aging infrastructure will take an estimated $1 trillion nationwide. As a responsible service provider and member of the community we serve, LCA takes this responsibility very seriously. We do not raise rates because we want to. We increase rates because the responsibility to protect the public’s health and our environment is so important.