Our Water Supply

Protecting our shared water resources is important for all Lehigh Valley residents and our quality of life.


Current LCA Water Supply Status:

Pennsylvania Water Supply Status: NORMAL (DEP Declaration 5/16/2017: Click to View Press Release)

LCA Local Drought Status: NORMAL

Note: Current water supply conditions remain somewhat below normal as we have faced a prolonged dry period over the past 2 years, although we have not seen any appreciable decline in the water production at our public water sources. More detailed information is available in our weekly monitoring data shown below for public review. These reports show the trends in water supply which LCA is monitoring and will share additional details as conditions change.

Monitoring Report – February 16, 2018

Annual Report of Monthly Data – December 2016

Prior Weekly Reports:

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Supply Overview

In most of our service areas, our water comes from 5 primary water sources: Schantz Spring, Crystal Spring, the Little Lehigh Creek, groundwater wells and the Lehigh River (emergency supply only). Spring and groundwater sources are treated with chlorine for disinfection purposes. Due to the high quality of our local groundwater resources, little additional treatment is necessary to ensure a safe supply of drinking water. Water from the Little Lehigh Creek and the Lehigh River is fully treated at our water filtration plant in the City of Allentown.

For more information about the water LCA delivers to your home or business, which may vary depending on what service area you live in, please select your service area location on our water service area map. Click here to visit the page.

Conserving Water is Always a Good Idea

Even when water supplies are normal, it’s a great idea to find ways to save water and enjoy a lower water and sewer bill. In addition, when customers maintain good water use habits, it helps us all to share this precious resource for generations to come.

Download our Water Conservation Guide and our High Water Bill Guide for ideas on how to measure your water usage and ways to conserve all year long.

Water System Security

Water utilities around the country have been paying attention to the security of water and wastewater facilities to make sure that the public continues to receive high-quality, reliable services. LCA has increased the physical security of our systems, and our employees are working with a heightened awareness of safety issues that may affect them or our customers.

You can help us with our system security by notifying us immediately if you notice any irregular activity in the vicinity of our facilities, such as unmarked vehicles entering the facility at an odd time, or workers without LCA identification. All LCA employees carry a company identification card, and our maintenance technicians drive vehicles bearing the LCA logo, so they can be easily identified.

Please Contact LCA to report any suspicious activity!