2018 Allentown Water & Sewer Rate Update

Allentown Division – Monthly Billing, Rates & Lease Info
Most customers in Allentown currently receive a water and sewer bill from LCA four times per year. Converting to the City’s monthly billing schedule and rates will provide additional revenue needed to repair and maintain the water and sewer systems and continue effective operations. However, it will cost about $13 per month more for a typical household. LCA’s Board of Directors expects to make this decision this spring, with implementation tentatively scheduled for summer 2018.

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May 17, 2018 Public Input Hearing – Handout

Report of Public Input Received:
Public Input Hearing – May 17, 2018 (transcript of testimony provided by 21 speakers)
Written Public Comments (30 emails and handwritten comments submitted)
Online Forms (160 submissions online through LCA’s website survey)

LCA would like to thank everyone who has provided public input on this topic. We appreciate you participating in this process.

What’s Next? 
LCA’s Board of Directors will review all comments submitted at its upcoming meeting on May 21, 2018. If a decision is made to implement monthly billing, customers will be notified directly about the transition schedule and other details.